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This is a history of the descendents of an Englishman who crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Great Britain to Virginia about 1700. The Bethea family expanded and grew over the last three hundred years.

The Bethea Family in North America

1700 - 2000

10th Generation in North America

Ann Brandon Bethea Brown10
born January 22, 1942

Ann Brandon Bethea Brown10 born January 22, 1942. Daughter of James McRae Bethea and Elizabeth Daughty (Doughtie),

Two adopted children: Wade Brown, Jr., and Elizabeth Brandon Brown.

"English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 ->  "Sweat Swamp" William Bethea->"Devil John" Bethea 4 -> John Bethea5 -> William Walker Bethea6 -> John Franklin Bethea7 ->
 Tristram Walker Bethea8
-> James McRae Bethea9 -> Ann Brandon (Bethea) Brown 10


1st English John Bethea b. 1684


2nd John Bethea (Virginia John) 


3rd William Bethea (Sweatswamp) b. 1725


4th Devil John Bethea b. 1752 d. 1812 m. Mary Hennegan b. 1756


5th John Bethea b. 10-20-1787 m. Hannah Walker



William Walker Bethea b. 12-25-1813 

William Walker Bethea b. 12-25-1813 





John Franklin Bethea (Dr. Frank) b. 7-2-1837  m. Hannah Jane Bethea


Tristram Walker Bethea  b. 3-25-1872 d. 8-30-1926 m. Martha Susan McRae

9th James McRae Bethea b. 10-9-1902 d. 8-12-1972
Married Elizabeth Daughty (Doughtie)


Ann Brandon Bethea Brown b.  01-22-1942




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