10th Generation in North American

Barbara Jeanne Hilleman Johannes10
b. 12-06-1947 
m. Harry Johannes (b. 08-15-1942)

Barbara Jeanne Hilleman Johannes10 born 12-06-1947.Daughter of James Hilleman and Jeanne Marie Hellrung. Married Harry Johannes (b. 08-15-1942) 

1) Michelle Bethea Johannes11 , b. 03-25-1968
Michael Gilmer Johannes11, b. 07-20-1969
Marc Phillip Johannes11 , b. 07-20-1969 M. Lori Day
Heather Amanda Johannes11 , b. 05-07-1975


"English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 ->  William Bethea-> "Devil" John Bethea4 ->
Cade Bethea5 -> John Washington Bethea6 -> Jesse Cade Bethea7 ->
Lucille (Bethea) Hilleman8 -> James Hilleman9 -> Barbara Jeanne Hilleman Johannes10


1st John "English John" Bethea  


2nd John "Virginia John" Bethea


3rd  William "Sweat Swamp" Bethea .


4th "Devil" John Bethea  b.1752
American Revolutionary Patriot

5th Cade Bethea b. 1792 SC d. 9/12/1867

6th John Washington Bethea b. 1821 SC d. 4/6/1874 SC

7th Jesse Cade Bethea b. 07-27-1853 d. 05/11/1898 m. Bessie Clanton

8th Lucille ( Bethea) Hilleman b. 05-08-1892 d. 01-16-1989 m. Rudolph Martin Hilleman 10-21-1911

9th James Hilleman, b. 10-01-1918 m. Jeanne Marie Hellrung (10-06-1945)

10th Barbara Jeanne Hilleman Johannes b. 12-06-1947 
m. Harry Johannes (b. 08-15-1942)


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