Bethea Family Genealogy

______________1700 - 2000's________________

10th Generation in North American

Elizabeth Maury Bethea

born July 15, 1939

Married Harry P. Cain II

Elizabeth Maury Bethea 10 born July 15, 1939 Daughter of James McRae Bethea and Elizabeth Daughty (Doughtie), Married Harry P. Cain II

1) Maury Stanton Cain (now Mrs. Tom Byrne) of Potomac, MD. She has two children, Chiara Alexessandra Fargione (b. August 28, 1990) and Katherine Anne Byrne (b. July 24, 1995) and two step children Max Byrne and Julia Byrne.

2) Harry Pulliam Cain III lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Tanya and they have two children, Hanna Dorthea Cain (b. July 1, 2001) and Harry P. Cain IV (b. May 2, 2003)

3) Elizabeth Brandon Cain (now Mrs. James Diskin) lives in Chicago, IL. She has two children, James Patrick Diskin (b. Oct 25, 2001)and Caroline Grace Diskin (b. March 6, 2003).


"English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 ->  "Sweat Swamp" William Bethea->"Devil John" Bethea 4 -> John Bethea5 -> William Walker Bethea6 -> John Franklin Bethea7 ->
 Tristram Walker Bethea8
-> James McRae Bethea9 -> Elizabeth Maury (Bethea) Cain 10


1st English John Bethea b. 1684


2nd John Bethea (Virginia John) 


3rd William Bethea (Sweatswamp) b. 1725


4th Devil John Bethea b. 1752 d. 1812 m. Mary Hennegan b. 1756


5th John Bethea b. 10-20-1787 m. Hannah Walker



William Walker Bethea b. 12-25-1813 

William Walker Bethea b. 12-25-1813 





John Franklin Bethea (Dr. Frank) b. 7-2-1837  m. Hannah Jane Bethea


Tristram Walker Bethea  b. 3-25-1872 d. 8-30-1926 m. Martha Susan McRae

9th James McRae Bethea b. 10-9-1902 d. 8-12-1972
Married Elizabeth Daughty (Doughtie)


Elizabeth Maury Bethea b 7-15-1939 Married Harry P. Cain II


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