7th Generation in North American
Jesse Enoch Bethea7  
b. 2-2-1892 d. 04-29-1924
     m. Maude Graham



March 1938. Leathy, Liston, Maude, Emily, and Lucille.

Maude's 80 year birthday. Emily, Lucille, Liston, Maude, Leathy
Jesse Enoch Bethea7 Son of James John Bethea  and Martha Louisa Roberts(6).
Born 2-2-1892 and died 3-28-1924. Married Maude Graham (12-20-1913).
Children are:

1) Liston Heanon Bethea8 b.10-1-1915, d.5-14-1992. Married Irma Lee Potts 
   (b.3-18-1917 on 3-8-1938 in Inverness, Florida). Moved to Cal in 1940's. 
Enoch Graham Bethea8, b. 10-28-1923, d. 2-29-1924
Doris Lucile Bethea8, b. ? , d. ?
Leathy Aline Bethea8, b. ? , d. ?
Emily Madge Bethea8, b. ? , d. ?

English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 ->  "Buckswamp" John Bethea3->
Parker Bethea4 -> John Harllee Bethea5 -> James John Bethea6 -> Jesse Enoch Bethea7  


1st John "English John" Bethea  b. about 1684

2nd John "Virginia John" Bethea   b. about 1704 d. 1779


3rd  "Buckswamp" John Bethea settled Buck Swamp abt. 1756

4th Parker Bethea  b. 3-17-1790, d. 12-27-1867 

5th John Harllee Bethea b. 9-2-1815, d. 9-7-1894 m. Catherine Ann Roberts.

6th James John Bethea  b.12-2-1862 d. ? Married Martha Louisa Roberts.

7th Jesse Enoch Bethea b. 2-2-1892 d. 04-29-1924 m. Maude Graham

8th Liston H. Bethea  b.10-1-1915 d.5-14-1992
Married Irma Lee Potts


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