Bethea Family Genealogy

______________1700 - 200

6th Generation in North American

Margaret Jane (Morrison) Blunt
  m. Francis Marion Blunt 

Margaret Jane (Morrison) Blunt Daughter of  Jerusa Bethea Morrison and "Archie" Archibald Morrision  m. Francis Marion Blunt

1) Mary Jerusha Blunt  m John Ramsey Bickerstaff

2) Altie Elizabeth (Blunt) McRae b. 25 Sep 1879  Tishomingo, Tishomingo County, MS   d. 23 Feb 1965, Tishomingo, Tishomingo,                 MS    m. John Thomas McRae 18 Dec 1900


"English" John Bethea1 -> Tristram Bethea2 -> William Bethea3 -> John Bethea4 ->
Jerusa ( Bethea) Morrison->Margaret Janes (Morrison) Blunt6 ->
Mary Jerusha (Blunt) Bickerstaff7


1st John "English John" Bethea  b. about 1684 in England. Sailed to America about 1700

2nd Tristram Bethea2 Born about 1713 in Herford (Gates County) N.C)
Married Ann Goodman About 1735 Died 1779.

3rd William Bethea b. March 1, 1744 in North Carolina 
married Jerusa Brown about 1770

4th John Bethea b. Dec. 10, 1770 in Cumberland County N.C. Died Mar. 8, 1881 in Cumberland County, N.C 
Married Elizabeth Atkins 11-14-1799.

5th Jerusa Bethea Morrison b. Sept. 28, 1808 in N.C died in Tishomingo County, Miss. Married "Archie" Archibald Morrision about Dec. 30 1831 in Cumberland County, N.C

6th Margaret Jane (Morrison) Blunt  m. Francis Marion Blunt 


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