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This is a history of the descendents of an Englishman who crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Great Britain to Virginia about 1700. The Bethea family expanded and grew over the last three hundred years.

The Bethea Family in North America

1700 - 2000



David Bethea,

married Mary Ann Pledger,

 a daughter and granddaughter of Officers in the Revolution.

They moved to Wilcox Co, Ala in 1822 near Canton, Ala


1*David William b 5 Nov 1809 5.C.Marlboro Dist.dy 24 Oct 1812 / 2 *

Alfred Joseph Pledger b 1 Oct 1812 do dy 24 Apr 1831 Ala.Canton

Bend, Wilcox Co.Cy "Bethea"

a*Elizabeth Gardiner b 14 Feb 1794 S.C.Marlboro Dist.d 21 Nov 1858

Ala.Bridgeport Cy n Canton Bend "Bethea" m * John W.Bridges

(Judge) b 1800 d 24 Nov 1858 Bridgeport (" * *

. Judge Bridges of

Alabama,who married a daughter of David Bethea." Thomas' HISTORY

OF MARLBORO CO.S.C.,p.l02) / BRIDGES al (son) dy Cy Canton

Bend "Bethea" They adopted Lucy Crawford,a niece of Judge Bridges,

who m John King and became mother of Senator John King of Marengo

Co.,Ala.5enJohn King was member Ala.Constitutional Convention 1901.

DWB/ -0'

b*Sarah Ann b 11 Apr 1797 S.C.Marlboro Dist.d 24 Nov 1858 Ala. Bridgeport

m 1. 1819 S.C.Marlboro Co. * George Hicks Strother of Cheraw

Hill d Ala. Canton Bend (son of William and Lucy (Hicks) Strother)

m 2. Nov 1827 Ala. * James Chestnut Ervin (also spelled Irvin) (Judge)

c*Mary Ann b 19 Jan 1799 S.C.Marlboro Dist.d 4 May 1837 do m 2 Feb

1815 * Hartwell Ayer b about 1780 d 13 May 1854 do

d*Auna b 28 Jun 1801 dy Oct 1801 S.C.Marlboro Co.

e*Ann Maria b 15 Dec 1802 S.C.Marlboro Dist.d 6 Sep 1838 Ala.Canton

Bend,Wilcox Co.m 13 Oct 1822 * Morgan Gilbert Brown (son of Senator

Morgan and Mary (Gordon) Brown and grandson of Judge Alexander

Gordon of Cheraw,S.C.) They moved 1823 from S.C.Marlboro Ala.

Marengo Co.Linden

f*Amanda Malvina b 8 Jul 1805 S.C.d 20 Mar 1855 Ala.Canton Bend,

Wilcox Co.m 1821 S.C. * Abijah Miller (Dr.He owned Miller's Ferry

on Alabama River n Canton Bend) b 1796 lreland,Cork Co.d 1870 Ala.

Canton Bend.Came to S.C.Charleston when a boy.Grad.University of

Edinburgh,Scotland 1819.Son of George Miller of Edinburgh.

g*Caroline b 19 Jan 1807 S.C.Marlboro Dist.dy 28 Oct 1817 / h * Eugenia

Volanto m 1831 Tristram Benjamin Bethea (666045) q.V.



"English" John Bethea1 -> Tristram Bethea2 -> Jesse Bethea3 


John "English John" Bethea  b. about 1684 in England Sailed to America about 1700


Tristram Bethea2 Born about 1713 in Herford (Gates County) N.C)
Married Ann Goodman About 1735 Died 1779.


Jesse Bethea 1736-1812

4th David Bethea, 5 Nov 1809 5.C.Marlboro Dist.dy 24 Oct 1812 / 2 *


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