11th Generation in North American
Kevin David Bethea11 


Kevin David Bethea11 #666022113231 Son of David Hugh Bethea and Frances Ann Barnard10 . Born in 1978.



"English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 ->  "Sweat Swamp" William Bethea->
 Goodman Bethea4 -> Jesse Bethea5 -> Jesse Council Bethea6 -> John "Jack" Bethea7 ->
Ausbon Watt Bethea8 -> Melton Floyd Bethea9 -> David Hugh Bethea10 -> Kevin David Bethea11 


1st John "English John" Bethea #66 666 b. about 1684


2nd John "Virginia John" Bethea #6 666  b. about 1704 d. 1779


3rd  William "Sweat Swamp" Bethea #6 66601= #666. b. 1726,  d. about  1784


4th Goodman Bethea  #66602 b- oct 1759 S.C. m- Mary Council - 2 children
poss more. He served as a Lieutenant in Revolutionary War, he's also on
the 1790 census. Brother to Devil John

5th  Jesse Bethea #666022 not much known about this Jesse, born in S.C.
believed to have removed to Wilcox Co. Al with his son Jesse Council,
possibly buried in unmarked grave in Reaves Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox , Al.

6th   Jesse Council Bethea  #6660221 m- Cynthia Henry (she is rumored to
be related to Patrick Henry) 6 children.

7th John "Jack" Bethea #66602211 b. 1821 m. Martha Jane Peavy (b. 1829 d. 1921) 




Ausbon Watt Bethea #666022113 b. about 1852 d. 1926 m. 1st Lula Gates (b. 1872 d. 1950) 2nd Mollie Ray 


Melton Floyd Bethea #6660221132 b. 1898 d. 1967 m. Leomie Jacobs (b. 1909 d. 1962)
10th David Hugh Bethea #66602211323 b. 1951 m. Frances Ann Barnard (b. 1953)

11th  Kevin David Bethea (1978 - )



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