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This is a history of the descendents of an Englishman who crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Great Britain to Virginia about 1700. The Bethea family expanded and grew over the last three hundred years.

The Bethea Family in North America

1700 - 2000

"English" John Bethea
Born before 1684 probably England 
Died after 1750 in Nansemond, Virginia or adjacent Chowan County (later called Gates County) North Carolina depending on which survey is used.


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British American Colonial Plantations.

There were two sons of  English John Bethea and they moved to North Carolina and South Carolina, and the two branches of the Betheas are called the South Carolina Betheas from Buckswamp and Sweatswamp Plantations, where the children of Virginia John moved and settled. The other branch is the Cape Fear River, (North Carolina) Betheas, who have descended from Tristram Bethea after he received the 150 acre plantation from "English" John Bethea. For general information about life in the colonies and seafarer's adventures in crossing the Atlantic Ocean in storms and under peril of pirate yachts, etc. read the chapter of an auto- biographical book by George Fox, written in the late 1600s. This was the same period of time when English John Bethea crossed the Atlantic to North America.

His oldest son,  Virginia John Bethea. (b. 1705) 2 married Sarah Darby2 and was the father of four children. Two sons  and at least 2 daughters, who married into the Rogers family and moved to Dillon County South Carolina.

1) "BuckSwamp" John Bethea3, 
2) "Sweatswamp" William Bethea3   
3) Anna Bethea (Rogers)3  
4) Mary Bethea (Rogers)3  

Tristram Bethea, the younger son, (b. 1713) Born 1713 in Herford (Gates County) N.C). Married Ann Goodman About 1735 . He purchased the Bethea family plantation from his Father,Died 1779. Later descendents moved into the area of the Cape Fear River, Fayetteville, North Carolina and also have been called the "Marlborough" Bethea branch and he raised a large family with four sons and five daughters.

1) James Bethea3, d. before Feb. 1797 
Jesse Bethea3, b. before 1736 d. 1812 m. (2nd) Elizabeth Breeden (Thomas)  Marlboro Bethea Branch 
John Bethea3, d. 1799 in Gates County, N.C. 
William Bethea3 b. Mar. 1, 1744 in Gates County , N.C. Married Jerusha Brown Cape Fear Bethea's 
Elisha Bethea3 b. 1761 in Gates County , N.C
Mary Bethea3 d. after Oct. 30, 1792 in Gates County 
Elizabeth Bethea3
8) Ann Bethea3 
Priscilla Bethea3


"English" John Bethea's Deed to Son Tristram for Land

FIRST KNOWN OFFICIAL FAMILY RECORD (DATING FROM 1735  {16TH DAY OF JULYin the 9th year in the reign of our Soverign Lord, GEORGE II, King of Great Britain, etc.) is a Deed for transfer of a 150 acre plantation from  English John BATHEY TO HIS SON, TRISTRAM BATHEY, FROM A RECORD THEN AT THE  CHOWAN COUNTY [later Gates County, N.C.).  This report is from Harlee's History at pages 1964- 1966.

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