Significant Places in South Carolina

Bethea Family Memorial Church at Dothan Community, in Dillon County between Little Rock and Latta, S.C. (This was Pee Dee River country to the early settlers.) Harleesville, S.C. was the name on maps of that time, where Little Rock is situated today.The County of Dillon was renamed during 'reconstruction period' following the War Between the States.

(The building is used every two years for Bethea Reunions and special events like Bethea family weddings. The next scheduled reunion event is set for June, 2010.)



The Manning/ Bethea/ Parham Home
(Woodlawn House) near Dillon , SC  (built circa 1790)

Built by Sarah Rogers & Melea Manning
 (4th Generation descendant from English John Bethea)






Around the early 1800's the local Betheas between Sweatswamp and Buckswamp vicinities had been worshiping at Harleesville (now Little Rock, S.C.) in the Methodist Church shown above. Opportunities to homestead new lands in the West started to look attractive to younger Betheas by 1803, when the Louisiana Purchase opened up vast new territories West beyond the Mississippi River.




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Click here to see the first known Bethea family document dated 1735, when  "English John"  Bethea had a British lawyer prepare a deed to transfer his 150 acre  plantation over to his younger son Tristram Bethea(2), in what is today Gates County, N.C. The consideration for the sale of the plantation was 100 barrels of tar and a lifetime right to build and keep his own residence on the plantation. This was 41 years BEFORE  The Declaration of Independence of the USA on July 4, 1776.




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Bethea Family Properties about 1815 around Marion County, S.C.


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