11th Generation in North American
Marcia Jean (Sabinson) Parrish11 
b. December 6,1958
Married James Parrish

Marcia Jean (Sabinson) Parrish11 
Born. December,6,1958, Daughter of Virginia Smith and Carlos William Sabinson. Married James Parrish. Their children are 
1) Kristopher James Parrish (12 Gen) , b. Aug 8, 1982
2) Travis Scott Parrish (12 Gen), b. July 3, 1984
3) Kelly Lawrence Parrish (12 Gen), b. Dec 24, 1988


Marcia Jean (Sabinson) Parrish and family (Jan. 2002)


Marcia Jean (Sabinson) Parrish  with Frances Virginia (Smith) Howell and family


Bethea1, Bethea2 ,Bethea3 ,Bethea,Bethea5 ,Bethea6 ,Bethea7 ,Bethea8,
Smith9 , Sabinson10, Parrish11



English John Bethea  b. 1684 d. 1750,   m. Lady Upton. 

2nd John "Virginia John" Bethea (abt. 1705) m. Sarah Darby Bishop

3rd William Bethea 

4th John  "Devil John" Bethea (b. Oct. 1752) m. Mary Henegan 

5th William Bethea (b. July 23, 1775) m. Olivia Pearce , Sarah Hargrove

6th Tristram Bethea (b. Dec. 3 , 1802) m. Nancy McLaurin, Sarah Todd


Tristram Pinkney Bethea (b. 1836). m. Rebecca Vice


Jenny (Bethea) Smith   & Earl Smith 
Parents of S. Carlton Smith
(c. 1908)


1939 Photo at Bearden , Ark. residence
Earle Smith and Jenny (Bethea) Smith with their
 granddaughter, Frances Virginia Smith


Virginia Martha (Bethea) Smith
 b. Aug. 28, 1881 d. Dec. 31, 1952 m. Earl Quincy Smith


S. Carlton & Frances  Smith

1962 Photo of  S. Carlton & Frances  Smith 
with daughter Frances Virginia Smith and her husband, Carlos Sabinson & children 
Sharon, Vickey, Bill, and Marcia Sabinson

Smith, S. Carlton (b. 1904)  m. Frances Haddox



Carlos W. Sabinson & Virginia Smith Sabinson  




Marcia Jean (Sabinson) Parrish and family (Jan. 2002)




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