11th Generation in North American

b 2-23-1967
Gregory Lewis Diaz


"English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 ->  William Bethea-> "Devil" John Bethea4 ->
Cade Bethea5 -> John Washington Bethea6 ->

Mary Ellen Bethea Medlin7 -> Carlton BETHEA MEDLIN8 -> MARY CAROLINE MEDLIN GRAY9
FREIDA ARLENE GRAY10 -> Nicole Gray Diaz11

Frieda "Arlene" Gray DeLaMora, and Daughter Nicole Gray Diaz Feb. 2003


This is my family, from the top, left to right; my husband, Greg Diaz, and me, Nicole Gray Diaz. Middle female, my daughter, Kerry Danielle Boos, now Catalina Angelique Diaz. Bottom row, left to right, my son, Gregory Lewis Diaz, my daughter, Mariah Elena Diaz and my son, Michael Derek Diaz. This was taken in 1999.


NICOLE GRAY DIAZ(11), b 2-23-1967 Daughter of FREIDA ARLENE GRAY. Married Gregory Lewis Diaz

Nicole had a child with Daniel Leonard Boos, their child was KERRY DANIELLE BOOS, b 8-16-1984. In January of 2003, KERRY legally changed her name to CATALINA ANGELIQUE DIAZ.

Nicole also had a child with David John Vargas, their child is MICHAEL DEREK VARGAS, b 5-6-1991.

Nicole married Gregory Lewis Diaz, and their children are: GREGORY LEWIS DIAZ JR., b 12-8-1995, and MARIAH ELENA DIAZ, b 1-3-1997



1st John "English John" Bethea  


2nd John "Virginia John" Bethea


3rd  William "Sweat Swamp" Bethea .


4th "Devil" John Bethea  b.1752
American Revolutionary Patriot

5th Cade Bethea b. 1792 SC d. 9/12/1867

6th John Washington Bethea b. 1821 SC d. 4/6/1874 SC

7th MARY ELLEN BETHEA MEDLIN b 4-2-1862, d 2-4-1936
8th CARLTON BETHEA MEDLIN b 10-19-1893, d 2-26-1924 married Mary Claudine Webster

b 12-11-1917, d 3-13-2000  
Married Fred Little Gray
10th FREIDA ARLENE GRAY b 8-20-1944

11th NICOLE GRAY DIAZ(13), b 2-23-1967 Married Gregory Lewis Diaz


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