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This is a history of the descendents of an Englishman who crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Great Britain to Virginia about 1700. The Bethea family expanded and grew over the last three hundred years.

The Bethea Family in North America

1700 - 2000


7th Generation DESCENDANT
Ausborn Watkins Bethea7

Born 07-07 1830 in Monroe Co., Alabama
died 1894 buried in Buena Vista Cemetary
Married Margaret Nettles

Ausborn Watkins and Margaret (Nettles) Bethea

Ausborn Watkins Bethea7  Born 07-17-1830 in Monroe Co., Alabama and died 1894 buried in Buena Vista Cemetary. Son of Jesse Council Bethea  #6660221 and  Cynthia Henry. Married Margaret Nettles born 1842 died 2-28-1906 buried IOOF Cemetary in Caddo Mills, Texas
. Children:

1) John Edward Bethea8 born: 1869 Monroe Co.,Al
died: 1910 buried: ?

2) Thomas Dickson Bethea8 born: 7-17-1873 Monroe Co., Al
died: 1942 buried: IOOF Cem. Caddo Mills, Tx
married: Maggie Bell McCants 1-3-1895
born: 9-6-1875 died: 1957

3) Jesse Claude Bethea8 born:1-2-1875 Monroe Co. Al
died: 12-14-1916 buried: IOOF Cem. Caddo Mills
married: Ida Lee Marrett 11-24-1897
born:2-25-1880 died: 4-15-1963

4) Corrie Line Bethea8 born: 8-17-1877 Monroe Co. Al
died: ? married: Walter Thomas Bailey 11-17-1897
born: 5-10-1870 Died: 2-7-1917

5) Charlie Council Bethea8 born: 3-6-1879 Monroe Co.,Al
(my grandpa) died: 1961 buried: IOOF Cem. Caddo Mills, Tx.
Married: Rose Elizbeth Bledsoe 12-29-1904

6) Albert Sidney Bethea8  born: 6-6-1881 Monroe Co., Al
died: 1935 buried: IOOF Cem.
married: Leona Burton 6-6-1905
born: 6-3-1890 died: ?

7) Clara Ann Bethea8 born: 2-15-1885
died: 8-23-1953

8) William Lawrence Bethea8 born: 10-6-1887
died: 1962

9) Annie Jennette Bethea8 born: 2-12-1871 died: 10-5-1872
buried: Buena Vista Cem.

"English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 ->  "Sweat Swamp" William Bethea->
 Goodman Bethea4 -> Jesse Bethea5 -> Jesse Council Bethea6 
-> Ausborn Watson Bethea7  

1st John "English John" Bethea #66 666 b. about 1684


2nd John "Virginia John" Bethea #6 666  b. about 1704 d. 1779


3rd  William "Sweat Swamp" Bethea #6 66601= #666. b. 1726,  d. about  1784


4th Goodman Bethea  #66602 b- oct 1759 S.C. m- Mary Council - 2 children. He served as a Lieutenant in Revolutionary War, he's also on
the 1790 census. Brother to "Devil" John Bethea

5th  Jesse Bethea #666022 not much known about this Jesse, born in S.C.
believed to have removed to Wilcox Co. Al with his son Jesse Council,
possibly buried in unmarked grave in Reaves Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox , Al.

6th   Jesse Council Bethea  #6660221 m- Cynthia Henry (she is rumored to
be related to Patrick Henry) 6 children.


Ausborn Watkins Bethea b.1830 in Monroe Co., Alabama
died 1894 buried in Buena Vista Cemetary m. Margaret Nettles


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